Juan Cabrillo, 1542


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On October 10th, 1542 two small Spanish ships called La Victoria and San Salvador sailed into the Santa Barbara Channel.  The commander was Portuguese sailing under the Spanish flag.  His name was Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo.  Several Chumash Tomols filled with 12 or more people sped easily around and met the Spanish Ships.  First contact had been made.

Cabrillo's mission was to sail up the South American West coast and find a route to China.  He went as far as Carpenteria and visited sveral of the islands- Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Miguel- which he thought was all one big island.  His ship log spoke of how thoughtful, caring and helpful the Chumash people were.  The Chumash gave these ships a stock of sardines.

During this voyage, before November 11th, 1542, a heavy storm struck.  The ships took to shore on one of the larger islands, but Cabrillo had severely broken his arm.  On January 3rd, 1543, Cabrillo passed away.

Bartolome Ferrelo, the chief navigator, replaced Cabrillo.  He attempted to continue the survey, but continuing bad weather forced his return to New Spain" (South America).   


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